2024 almond crop estimate released


The Australian almond crop estimate for the 2024 season is 164,700 tonnes (kernel weight equivalent).

The Almond Board of Australia’s annual crop estimate aggregates grower estimates from across the industry. This 2024-25 crop forecast is 59.4% higher than the current season’s official intake of 103,381 tonnes and represents a return to average type yields across the five growing regions in Australia. New season harvest is expected to start in February next year.

The ABA released LandIQ spatial mapping data earlier this year that confirmed the industry’s footprint, largely across the southern Murray Darling Basin, was just over 62,400 hectares. The 2024 crop prediction places almond production back on its long term trajectory of more than 200,000 tonnes within the next 3-5 years.

Demand for Australian almonds remains strong with the industry on the verge of selling out of product from this season’s reduced crop, having just posted another record sales month in October.

Global pricing remains low but has improved marginally in recent times.