Australian Almond Position Report – April 2024


Inshell leads new season almond sales

The Australian industry’s focus on advantageous trade agreements is driving sales into China and India after two months of the industry’s new selling season.

Almond sales into China are up 110% on last season, while India is up 97% on the same period last year.

Overall Australian almond exports are up 11% on last year and overall demand is at its strongest since records were kept.

Almond Board figures reveal that overall sales are up 5.5% on last year’s record volumes after two months despite domestic sales flagging, down 16%.

Pricing has slowly recovered over the past month with the exchange rate with the US dollar helping growers budget for improved returns in 2024-25.

The Almond Board of Australia’s CEO Tim Jackson said an industry wide focus on capitalising on superior inshell returns due to improved quality has seen export volumes of inshell increase from 3,498 tonnes to 8,058 tonnes for the first two months of the season.

New Zealand sales are also up 163% on last year while as expected the volumes into the low end, value adding markets of Turkiye, Spain and USA are well down due to improved crop quality after a dry harvest.

The ABA’s monthly position report is collated by aggregating marketer and ABS data.

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