Australian Almond Position Report – November 2023

bowl-almonds cropped

November almond sales position report.

After nine months of the 2023-24 almond season (March-Feb) Australian sales have already exceeded the actual crop intake for the year.

Substantial carry-over from previous seasons has bolstered the sales number to an unprecedented level by the end of November with 112,096 tonnes shipped.

Export sales are up 8% on the same time last year, while domestic sales improved to be 5% ahead of the same time last year.

Pricing has improved marginally, but all eyes are now on the all-important US exchange rate as growers and marketers near new season harvest and forward sales commitments.

Although the actual intake for 2023-24 was confirmed at just over 103,000 tonnes in October, it now looks likely that the end of season sales volume for the same season could be in excess of 20,000 tonnes higher than that and ensure warehouses are cleared of all old stock in readiness for the predicted record crop due next month.   

The Almond Board of Australia announced a pre-harvest crop forecast in December of just over 164,700 for the upcoming season.

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