Australian almonds are part of our essential food supply


The Commonwealth Minister for Agriculture, David Littleproud, has reassured Australians that Australian agriculture will not be affected by the coronavirus shutdowns.

“As far as the Commonwealth is concerned, food production and supply is an essential service”.

The Australian almond industry is determined to make its best contribution because “feeding our nation is an essential service” (Minister Littleproud). Three of the great strengths of almonds as a food for this time of uncertainty is that they are naturally long life, very healthy and highly versatile as a snack and as an ingredient in both savoury and sweet dishes. Currently, the Australian almond industry is harvesting its 2020 crop which is expected to be more than 100,000 tonnes. Australians can be confident that there will be sufficient product in your stores to meet your needs. The Australian almond industry is also committed to the health of our families and employees and our growers and processors are following the relevant government directions. The comprehensive quality assurance systems in place across the industry are also ensuring that Australian almonds remain healthy and safe. While the whole world’s trading patterns are currently impacted, the underlying strength of global demand for almonds and their shelf-stable nature gives the Australian almond industry confidence.

APRIL 3, 2020