COVID-19 Information


Please find the latest COVID-19 information on the following government websites. A summary of news releases relevant to the Almond industry is posted below. 

Australian Government’s COVID-19: Support for Australian businesses

Find out what the Australian Government is doing and how you can get involved or if you have ideas or concerns contact Mark Tucker (Senior Agricultural Engagement Officer) at

Refer to the Austrade website to provide on markets and logistics, and links through to other government initiatives.

State Governments’ COVID-19: Support for businesses

Links to States’ support, resources and advice for businesses:

·        New South Wales

·        Victoria

·        Queensland

·        South Australia

·        Western Australia

The Almond Board of Australia would like to communicate the following information from various sources:

COVID-19 Update-October 27, 2020:

COVID-19 Update-July 23, 2020:

COVID-19 Update-July 21, 2020:

COVID-19 Update-July 17, 2020:

COVID-19 Update-May 4, 2020:

COVID-19 Update-April 29, 2020:

COVID-19 Update-April 22, 2020:

COVID-19 Update-April 20, 2020:

COVID-19 Update-April 7, 2020:

COVID-19 Update-April 3, 2020:

COVID-19 Update-March 31, 2020:

COVID-19 Update-March 26, 2020: