Covid Care & Relief


Partners: Jamia Hamdard University, Britannia and Himalaya

Rotary Club of Delhi South (RCDS) would like to thank the Almond Board of Australia for their kind contribution and support of USD 10,000 equivalent to Rs.7,20,000 towards Covid care & relief work in India.

RCDS has taken up many activities under the project to provide Covid care and relief to the poor and the needy by utilising the funds from Almond Board of Australia. The relief work multiplied with more collaboration and additional grants and sponsorships from other partner organisations as arranged by RCDS members. 

RCDS started the relief work by providing medical supplies to the Covid Care facilities, organized Covid Awareness Camps and have been doing Covid Vaccination Camps for the people from economically weaker section of the Society.  We have already done 16,500 Covid Vaccinations and our goal is to reach 50,000 vaccinations.

RCDS is providing a Covid Care Bag to each of the vaccinated person which consists of Paracetamol tablets, 2 pieces of  N-95 Masks, a Dettol Soap bar, a pack of Britannia Biscuits, a Sanitizer by Himalaya, a pack of Australian Almonds, a Tetra pack Soft drink by Hamdard.  Vaccines are provided free of cost  by the Ministry of Health, Government of Delhi except for the first lot of 102 lots which were purchased by us.

Jamia Hamdard University provided their location, infrastructure, nurses and Para medics staff to assist vaccination efficiently.

The funds provided by Almond Board of Australia have been utilized as below :

  • Purchase of medical supplies from Paras Surgical for Covid Care facility – Rs.1,28,270
  • Purchase of 102 Covid Vaccines from JDAR Path Lab for Rs.73,000
  • Purchase of 20,000 packed Australian Almonds for Rs.3,00,000 (Each pack containing 8-10 almonds with the sticker of Almond Board of Australia)
  • Purchase of 20,000 Dettol Soap for Rs.1,70,000
  • Purchase of Covid Care Bags, Banners etc., for Rs.48,730

Members & Associates contributions & grants:

ItemValue in INR
Britannia Biscuits100,000
Himalaya Hand Sanitizers           10,00,000
Face Masks9,80,000
Paracetamol Tablet Strips           100,000
Hamdard Tetra pack Soft Drink   5,00,000
TotalINR 26,80,000

The grant provided by Almond Board of Australia has been well utilized in creating awareness, care and relief work. We would like to place in record the immense help, support and coordination provided by Mr. Raju Bhatia, an important team member for the Covid care & relief Project.

RCDS would also like to thank :

– Jamia Hamdard University for providing the Hospital infrastructure, nurses and Para-medics staff to assist the vaccination process.  

– The Government of Delhi for providing the free vaccines.

– Other partnering organisations – Britannia, Himalaya & Shankars Foundation

Due to the new Covid variant, Omicron we are in the process of enhancing our relief work and would welcome any grants and support. Once again our grateful thanks to the Almond Board of Australia for their generous grant.  It would be a pleasure to receive the management of Almond Board for a thank you meeting whenever the Management team is visiting India.


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