Almond Hort360


Benchmark your farming practices

Almond Hort360 is an almond industry-specific adaption of Hort360, an online benchmarking system that allows horticulturalists to not only assess their own sustainability credentials but to see how they compare to others in their industry. The system has already been used within a number of commodity crops including blueberries and avocadoes. We have taken on the challenge to adapt it to suit the Australian almond industry.

How does it work?

Almond Hort360 is made up of a series of modules on different topics, each containing multiple-choice questions that help you to describe your current practice. The portal will provide you with a risk assessment for each question, telling you whether your practice is very high, high, moderate, or low risk. With every module you complete, you will receive an action plan complete with resources to help you improve your practice.

How can Almond Hort360 help me?

Almond Hort360 will help you to benchmark your farming practices and track your progress over time. You will also receive a collated peer-to-peer performance graph that allows you to see how you compare to others in the industry. This is a valuable tool that will help you to see where you can make improvements. But don’t worry, other growers will only be able to see which data is theirs, all other grower data will remain anonymous.

How do I access my data?

You will receive a report of your results for each module. This will include information and additional resources to help improve your practice. Almond Hort360 is 100% confidential and you are the only one who can access your own data.

What modules are available?

  • Pollination
  • Irrigation

Another module is due to be released in summer. There’ll be a total of 12 modules developed over four years.

How do I register?

Complete the online Expression of Interest form or email Ella Henson