Bee health and pollination


The almond industry uses best practice systems and works with beekeepers to provide an environment for honey bees to safely forage in almond orchards, which minimises negative impacts on bee health and ensures the sustainable futures of both the almond and honey bee industries.

The honeybee industry is vital for almond sustainability and it is in our best interests to look after the bees to maximise pollination and nut set. 

More than 70% of the commercial bee hives in QLD, NSW, VIC and SA are involved in pollinating Australian almond trees in 2020. 

Because we rely on European honey bees to cross pollinate almonds, producers implement a range of bee friendly best practices throughout the year and especially during the bloom period to support the health and productivity of bees. 

The Almond Board of Australia encourages almond growers to work with honey bee stakeholders to promote and facilitate best practice bee management practices in the almond industry. 

The Almond Board of Australia works with almond producers, the Australian Honey Bee Industry Council, state honey bee associations and governments, to develop best practice management guidelines for Australian almond growers and the pollination industry.

For detailed information on the work of the Australian almond industry and pollination, visit the Bee Health section in our Grower Resources.