Levies and Funding


Producers in the almond industry pay levies to the Department of Agriculture, that is responsible for the collection, administration and disbursement of levies and charges on behalf of Australian agricultural industries. Agricultural levies and charges are imposed on primary producers by the government at the request of industry to collectively fund R&D, marketing, and biosecurity programs. The Australian almond industry has a statutory R&D and biosecurity levies whilst the ABA collects a market development levy on a voluntary basis.

The statutory levies are payable on almonds that are produced in Australia and either sold by the producer or used by the producer in the production of other goods. Hort Innovation receives the statutory levies from the Department and manages the almond levy funds which are directed to R&D investments. The R&D levy is set at a rate of 1 cent per kilogram for almond in-shell, 2 cents per kilogram for shelled almonds and 1.5 cents per kilogram of almonds in-shell (Nonpareil).

In June 2018, the almond industry also established a collective industry fund (CIF) for additional investment into major strategic programs. This CIF is separate to the statutory levy and is collected by the ABA and forwarded to Hort Innovation. Like the statutory levy it is invested together with matching Australian Government contributions.

The Strategic Research Investment Plan developed guides the investment of almond levy funds in priority areas identified and agreed by the almond industry to fill gaps in knowledge and technology to facilitate the implementation of the ABA’s Australian Almond Industry Strategic Plan.

The Hort Innovation research program is mindful of R&D outputs achieved through other funding sources that the ABA and others identify. 

The Almond Strategic Investment Advisory Panel (SIAP) has responsibility for providing strategic investment advice to Hort Innovation. 

Structure and partners

By establishing partnerships, the ABA can increase the capacity to promote awareness of the Australian Almond Industry within the wider community and to:

  • Provide accurate and practical information to the Australian public and support public education programs about Australian almonds.
  • Further the development of the industry. 
  • Work with corporate partners on mutually agreed projects that support members activities that are consistent with ABA objectives, principles that the industry supports.

Our Partners organisations

  • Horticulture Innovation Australia
  • Australian Nut Industry Council
  • Nuts for Life
  • Sports Dietitian Australia
  • Nutrition Australia 
  • Plant Health Australia
  • National Farmers Federation Horticulture Council
  • Australian Honey Bee Industry Association 
  • National Irrigators Council 
  • International Nut Council
  • FRUCOM (European organisation representing nuts and dried fruits)

Projects and Programs

Our projects and programs are funded by Hort Innovation, the almond research and development levy and contributions from the Australian Government. Hort Innovation is the grower-owned, not-for-profit research and development corporation for Australian horticulture.

R&D Project Summary

To view the Almond Fund Annual Report for 2022-23 please visit: