Who we are


About the Almond Board

Initially established in 1995 as the Australian Almond Growers Association in 2002 the association was renamed the Almond Board of Australia (ABA) to reflect a broader membership and charter. The ABA is the peak industry body for the almond industry in Australia that facilitates the development of the industry, seeks to maximise the viability of stakeholders and ensure its sustainability.

The ABA provides a platform for members to collectively respond to industry-wide issues, invest in research and market development, share knowledge and interact with the broader community. The ABA guides the industry’s development by addressing a wide range of challenges and opportunities. These include yield improvement, risk management, cost of inputs and their efficient and sustainable use, better management of pests and diseases, building domestic and export consumption and brand awareness of Australian almonds in export markets. By doing so the ABA provides an efficient and sustainable operating environment for our industry members.

Our mission

As the Australian almond industry’s peak body, the Almond Board of Australia facilitates further development of the industry, seeks to maximise its profitability and ensure its sustainability by providing a platform for industry members to collectively respond to industry wide issues, invest in research and marketing, share knowledge, and interact with government and other stakeholders.

Our purpose

To represent and promote the interests of Australian almond growers, processors and marketers in matters of general interest that may affect the well being and viability of the industry.

  •  To coordinate the efforts of the industry in order to give unity of purpose and strength to foster the development of the Industry.
  •  To provide a channel for communication and dissemination of information between members of the industry and other sectors of the horticultural industry.
  •  To facilitate the development of a national industry development plan including the definition of national R&D priorities and generic marketing funding and priorities.
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